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College Students Advocate for Food Waste and Food Recovery Policy on Capitol Hill



Washington, DC, April 4th, 2016- Over 70 Food Recovery Network (FRN) chapter leaders are heading to Capitol Hill today to meet with congressional staffers about food waste and food recovery policy during FRN’s 2016 Lobby Day. Lobby Day is the closing event of the first ever National Food Recovery Dialogue.

FRN has over 20 meetings scheduled with legislative staff from congressional offices. The students will be lending their support for Rep. Chellie Pingree’s (D-ME) Food Recovery Act (H.R. 4184) and Rep. Jerry McNerney’s (D-CA) Food Waste Accountability Act (H.R. 4382), as well as sharing their experiences with reducing food waste and hunger in their communities.

Food Recovery Network seeks to empower students, and Lobby Day is a chance for students to lend their voices to causes that are important to them. "In most issues students just aren't heard--their concerns, their fears, their ideas don't always make it to policymakers' ears.” says Cam Pascual, Co-Founder of Food Recovery Network and FRN’s current Director of Innovation. “We want students to have a platform to let lawmakers know that food recovery is something they really care about."

FRN students are working to combat a US food system that allows 40% of food to be wasted while one in six Americans face food insecurity. “It is increasingly evident to me that unless we address the systemic issue of our broken food system that does not ensure equal access to healthy food to all people, then our all of our efforts to recover food individually will ultimately not be enough.” remarks Cameron Kritikos, an FRN student leader from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Lobby Day participant. “I am eager to share with the congressional staff the dire need to act swiftly on food recovery legislation."

Regina Northouse, Executive Director of Food Recovery Network, feels that FRN’s 2016 Lobby Day is an important chance for Food Recovery Network to support legislation. Northouse remarks,"Since our founding in 2011, FRN has been working to change the norm from food waste to food recovery in the United States. Our FRN chapters prove that food recovery presents great opportunities to feed people and prevent climate change. Legislation is a crucial part of this work, and we are thrilled to have FRN chapter leaders in Washington to advocate for food recovery policies by supporting Rep. Chellie Pingree's Food Recovery Act, among other bills, that make food recovery more feasible and enticing for businesses and individuals."

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Food Recovery Network unites and supports college students to fight food waste and hunger by recovering surplus food from their campuses and local restaurants that would otherwise go to waste and donating it to hungry Americans. FRN has nearly 200 chapters in 41 states. For more information about Food Recovery Network, visit Follow us on Twitter @FoodRecovery and like us on Facebook at