321,182 pounds of food donated since September 2011
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While there are hundreds of individuals and organizations that have contributed to Food Recovery Network’s success, we want to highlight just a few “FRNds.” Thank you sincerely for making FRN what it is today. We never could have made it this far without you. This goes out to…


  • All the volunteers and student groups who tirelessly sacrifice time when they could be studying or socializing to run their campus FRNs.
  • All the dining services departments, catering and concessions operations, and restaurant managers at our various chapters for being our number food donor and working with us on the ground to coordinate logistics. In particular, thanks to Colleen Wright-Riva, Director of Dining Services at UMD, for being an avid supporter of FRN.
  • All the staff at the hunger-fighting nonprofits that FRN donates food to. You are the true heros on the front lines in the war against hunger and poverty in America and we’re proud to partner with all of you.
  • Our Board of Directors, founding team, current staff, and their families, which hardly ever get credit but work every day behind the scenes to keep FRN on track for success.
  • All of the sponsors of the Kevin Bacon Do Good Challenge, which $5,000 grand prize and publicity was a huge catalyst for FRN. SixDegrees.org, Network for Good, Motorola Mobility Foundation, UMD Colonnade Society, and Center for Social Value Creation — you guys rock! We in particular want to thank all the staff at the Maryland Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership and the Maryland School of Public Policy for putting on the DGC buy also devoting significant resources since then to help FRN grow.
  • Ashoka’s Youth Venture, which provided FRN with its very first $1,000 seed grant and the $15,000 grand prize in the Banking On Youth Competition. Many thanks also to the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA), which sponsored this grant, and to Bank of America for providing FRN with a $1,000 regional grant.
  • TheHungerSite.com and GreaterGood.org for sponsoring FRN and even buying us shirts, hoodies, and hats! Thanks especially to Tim Kunin, CEO of CharityUSA.com, for his generosity and enthusiasm.
  • The Sodexo Foundation for their early financial support of FRN through their Stephen J. Brady STOP Hunger Now program.
  • Rob Sheehan for facilitating our strategic planning process pro-bono, and to Patrice Mobley, Mark Hsen, Elizabeth Kidd, and Vincent Hong-Wah Lui for their help.
  • John L. Beard, Esq. at Rader, Fishman & Grauer, PLLC for providing pro-bono assistance in trademarking FRN.
  • Evynn Overton and Lindsey Selba at Beveridge & Diamond, P.C. for giving pro-bono legal support on a range of topics.
  • Fay Johnson at Red Balloon Ideas for providing marketing and public relations consulting on a pro-bono basis.
  • Evan Ponchick (UMD ’12) who started the APO Food Recovery and Donation Project, which merged with the Love Movement’s Food Recovery Network to form the first chapter of the Food Recovery Network we know today.
  • Cam Pascual, founding member of both the UMD chapter and national organization, for her dedication as co-president of FRN at UMD during the 2012-2013 school year.
  • UMD President Wallace Loh for his support of FRN and entrepreneurship in general.
  • Alla Corey, Harry Geller, and Elana Fine at UMD’s Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship and Melissa Carrier and Guillermo Oliveros at UMD’s Center for Social Value Creation for all their mentorship and resources.
  • Tammy Zhu (Pomona College ’09) for forming Pomona’s first student-run Food Rescue team in 2008, which was one of the founding chapters that merged with FRN to form the national organization.
  • The Draper Center for Community Partnerships at Pomona College, which fostered the Food Rescue program with excellent advising and resources.
  • Peter Rossi and Christina Smith from BUDS, for believing in us even before we knew what we were doing.
  • Alan Harlam, Alan Flam, Roger Nozaki, and the entire staff at the Swearer Center for their mentorship and encouragement.
  • Montgomery County Councilmember Valerie Ervin for her leadership and vision in championing the effort to create a food recovery program in Montgomery County, MD modeled after FRN.
  • Jonathan Bloom, Tristram Stuart, and everyone else devoted to uncovering the sad reality food waste and the inspiration movement to beat it.
  • The whole food recovery movement, including all the other food recovery programs that came before us. Thanks especially to those who’ve helped mentor us — Robert Egger at DC Central Kitchen and the Campus Kitchens Project, Jim Larson at Food Donation Connection, Gary Oppenheimer at AmpleHarvest.org, John Williamson at Food Rescue.
  • Pastor Ben Slye for his inspirational vision, steadfast support, and his own pioneering efforts around food recovery.
  • Tony Chaffino at the Salvation Army and Rochelle Williams and David Hawkins at Inland Valley Hope Partners at Pomona, who have been been crucial partners for FRN at Pomona College
  • Jerry Lynch at General Mills and Stephanie Nagy Shewmon at Edelman PR for providing helpful advice and connections.