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FRN’s “More Students, Less Waste” Campaign a Success!

FRN’s “More Students, Less Waste” Campaign a Success!

FRN’s first national campaign, “More Students, Less Waste” has finally come to a close and we are excited to share the results with you!

From Nov 11th -18th, we used social media to spread the word about food recovery,  asking for volunteers and supporters to share information, pictures and links about food waste.

The goal of the campaign was to expand our reach to 10,000 students and have 10 pledges for starting a new FRN chapter. We must say that all our friends and supporters came through, and there are great outcomes to share!

During the week of campaigning we were able to:

– Increase our Facebook reach by 474% compared to the previous week, spreading our information to 5,098 people.
– Get more ‘Likes’ on Facebook, bringing us to 361 page members!
–  Have 500 people visit our brand new website.

Which is all pretty sweet!!!

But the best news is that students heard our call for the need to have more food recovery activists, and 8 students from schools across the country pledged to start food recovery programs on their campuses.

Here is a list of new schools where there will soon be awesome and active food recovery programs:

1) Brigham Young University
2) University of Tennessee
3) University of Massachusetts Amherst
4) Tufts University
5) Cornell University
6) Bowdoin College
7) Anne Arundel Community College in MD

We wanted to thank all of our supporters for the work they did during the campaign!

We wish you all Happy Holidays! Be proud of yourself that you helped save food from the landfill and feed those in need!  We couldn’t be happier!