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FRN is hiring a Program Director!

FRN is hiring a Program Director!

Exciting news: FRN is currently looking to hire two new staff members to the positions of Program Director and Director of Communications.  The position of Program Director will be a 20-30 hour per week paid position, and the Director of Communications is a 10 hour per week unpaid internship.  We are also looking for Regional Coordinators to help us with expansion.

This is new and exciting way to get involved in one of the best student run non-profits. In just over a year we have expanded from just a local student organization at the University of Maryland to ten other colleges and universities. If you ever wanted to be involved in this exciting, new, and fast-paced organization, now is your chance. There are two positions you can apply for. For more in-depth descriptions check the attached documents below.

FRN Program Director

The Program Director is a paid position, with a 20-30 hours/week commitment. The PD will be responsible in overseeing all current FRN staff, and all aspects of the organization and its function including: development, communication, expansion and member support, and fundraising and fiscal management. The PD will be responsible for making FRN run smoothly and efficiently, and be in charge of running weekly meetings with all national staff. (Relocating to DC is ideal, but remote applicants will also be considered.)

Read more here: FRN Program Director – Job Description

Director of Communications

FRN National is looking for a part-time volunteer for about a 10 hour a week commitment, that is passionate and experienced in communication, marketing, or journalism. We are growing extremely fast as an organization, and thus need someone who will keep up-to-date with all of our new chapters, manage our social media platforms, write press-releases, and develop relationships with mainstream news outlets

Read more here: FRN Director of Communication – Job Description

Regional Coordinators

FRN is looking for Regional Coordinators to work on the National Expansion Team to recruit, organize, and train college students interested in starting a FRN chapter on their campus. Regional Coordinators will coach students over video web conferencing, phone calls, and emails. They will be responsible for organizing weekly meetings with different campus leaders. They will also be responsible for reporting their work to the Director of Expansion.

Read more here:  FRN Regional Coordinator – Job Description

If any of these positions interest you, check the attached documents for more in-depth descriptions of the responsibilities and requirements. Applications are due by February 10, 2013 for Program Director and Director of Communication  Applications for Regional Coordinators are accepted on a rolling basis. Please email a cover letter, resume, and contact information for two references to info@foodrecoverynetwork.org.


  1. I just watched a program about your organization and I am so excited to see that someone has came up with this thoughtful and useful idea! I worked in hospitality for over 10 years and I have seen first hand how much food was and is wasted on a daily basis. This organization is very necessary in this country and abroad and I would like to know what I can do to join this cause. I looked on this website but couldn’t find anywhere to fill out an application? I’m located in Knoxville TN and my name is Chonleedonya Odum. My email address is donyaa1225@gmail.com. If anyone can please contact me to let me know what I can do to help this cause, I’m ready and willing! Thank you for your time.

    • Chonleedonya, thank you for your kind words! We will get back to you by email soon to let you know how you can get involved. It’s so inspiring to see your passion for the cause.

      • Thank you very much and let me know whether or not you already hired someone for the job. I would love to help in some kind of way for this cause. I appreciate this, Chonleedonya

  2. Where can we get information about applying?

  3. I saw your story on Upworthy, and I applaud your efforts. The amount of food wasted by the average FAMILY each year is obscene–when you get to restaurants, caterers and college campuses, it’s almost criminal. The worst waste I have ever witnessed, however, is from cruise ships. If you have ever been on a cruise and experienced the “food anytime” culture, epitomized by the obnoxious display of excess at the “midnight buffet,” and wondered “what happens to all of this extra food that can’t possibly be consumed by the number of passengers?”, you will be sickened to learn that it is dumped overboard. I’ve only been on 2 cruises, but each time we came into ports where children were begging or diving for coins tossed by passengers…how is it that these cruise lines would rather throw perfectly good fruit, vegetables, meats–everything you can think of–into the water instead of feeding these kiddos? Likely it’s a liability issue or simply a lack of procedure to donate the food. I would love to see an organization take on that challenge…

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