check-in agenda

First things first, have you already scheduled your check-in? Perfect. If not, email your FRN Point of Contact to schedule one! 


  • #givingtuesday

    • GivingTuesday is this month! We’re having a month-long fundraiser leading up to the global day of giving, November 29

      You may remember that for the last 2 years we’ve done a #givingtuesday #frndzy campaign (in which chapters fundraised money for themselves). This year, we’ve decided to focus on strengthening FRN National's resources. Please help us spread the word and gather donations!

    • More details can be found here on our blog

  • goals

    • National Goal of the Month: Expressing Gratitude

      • Example language

This term we have been able to rescue [# OF POUNDS] of good food and donate it to hunger fighting partners in our community! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to express our utmost gratitude to the dining hall staff and faculty for your cooperation in this endeavor.  The beauty of Food Recovery is that it gives us an opportunity to work with partners at the dining hall and in our community to address food waste and food insecurity. These partnerships have not only allowed us to successfully recover food, but have also taught us about the inner workings of the dining hall and hunger in our community. Thank you for being open to this program and for aiding in its success!
In gratitude, 



This term we have been able to rescue [# OF POUNDS] of good food and donate it to partners in our community like yours! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to express our utmost gratitude to your team for all of the hard work you do. Your support is vital in fighting hunger, and we couldn't do our work with out you. We hope the coming months are full of joy. 
In gratitude, 

Dear volunteers,
In the spirit of thanksgiving we want to extend our deepest gratitude for all of the amazing work you have done this term. With your help, we have already rescued [# OF POUNDS] of surplus food. Thanks to you, this food is being diverted away from landfills and towards people who truly appreciate it. You do make a difference. 
In gratitude, 

  • National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week (12-20)

    • Consider having educational events, drives, meals with your PA(s), educational flyers/chalking on campus, etc.
    • See what’s already happening in your community on NHHAW's website.
      • Are other hunger/homelessness organizations having events?
  • events catalog

  • end of semester survey

    • Coming the end of this month

  • facebook?

    • Does your chapter have a Facebook page? If so, send the link to your FRN Point of Contact!