Need new containers? Want to purchase swag for your volunteers? Raise money for your chapter using these creative and fun events!
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build a burger

“We had a great time putting the event on, and had a great turn out of our own members as well as faculty and other students! Having additional members there to serve the food and talk to participants played a huge part in raising awareness of not only our club, but also the topics related to food insecurity and hunger.”
— Corey, Rochester Institute of Technology


For a Build a Burger fundraiser, you either buy or receive donations for the usual burger components (ground beef, buns, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.)

Next, charge people $5 to build their own burger. It’s relatively easy to organize, and can help your chapter make a bit of extra money to buy needed supplies, some swag, or make it to an FRN conference.

Notes on logistics

Students at the Rochester Institute of Technology conducted a variation of this event. Students submitted burger recipes to the dining hall chefs, who then made the burger. Students paid $5 to try a quarter of each of the top 4 burgers, and got to vote on which was best. The winning burger became part of the dining hall’s regular menu. The chapter raised over $200 to put towards supplies.

    Canned Food Sculpture Contest


A Canned Food Sculpture Contest is a great way to get some extra donations for your partner agency before the holidays! Set up locations for different organizations to build their sculpture on campus, then have members of each organization come and add cans to the sculpture over the course of a week. At the end of the week, one organization wins a small prize, and you get to donate all the canned food to your partner agency!

Notes on logistics

You'll want to get as many organizations on board as possible. It’s a good idea to go and speak to large organizations on your campus a few weeks in advance to let them know about it and gauge interest.



GivingTuesday is an international event that takes place each year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It is a day dedicated to giving back, rather than shopping. Many nonprofits--including FRN!!--use it as an opportunity to fundraise for their organizations.

notes on logistics

GivingTuesday relies heavily on social media! Tweet and post using #GivingTuesday to tap into the wider GivingTuesday community.

You can check out all the awesome fundraising that FRN chapters did in 2014 here!



This one is an old favorite, for good reason. Cook some delicious pancakes or grilled cheese and sell them to hungry college students. It’s a great way to both make a bit of extra money for your chapter and get the word out about what you do!

notes on logistics

There are a few options here. For pancakes, you can sell them individually, or you can have an “All-You-Can-Eat” Pancake Breakfast (or Dinner, since mornings are not for everyone) and charge a flat fee at the door. With grilled cheese, it’s best to plan your fundraiser around lunch time, and set up shop where lots of students will pass through from one class to another. You can just sell the standard grilled cheese or offer some “gourmet” made-to-order options.

Restaurant Night


Many restaurants have a program in place where they will donate a percentage of the proceeds (usually 10-25%) from all the customers that come in that night (or, in some cases, only from the customers that present a flyer). Make sure you get the word out by flyering and/or making a Facebook event.


Most big chains are open to restaurant nights (places like Applebee’s, Friendly’s, and Jason’s Deli will often participate.) Local restaurants may be more likely to give you a larger percentage or be more willing to work with you, so it’s worth asking.



Put on a video game tournament as a fundraiser! You can charge $5 for entry and challenge different groups (sports teams or fraternities/sororities) to see who's who in the gamer community!

Notes on logistics

Working with your Residence Hall Association is probably your best bet. RAs are always on the lookout for fun events for the floors they manage, and gaming events are frequently chosen because they're easy to set up.

Generally, the more groups you can get involved, the better off you’ll be. Consider speaking at large group meetings 3-4 weeks before the tournament to encourage attendance. Reach out to your school’s Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council for participants and support. Also consider getting some food donated for the event and have other activities for people to enjoy while they aren’t playing the game.