Chapter OVerview Map 

The objective of the Chapter Overview Map is to strengthen Food Recovery Network's student movement against food waste and hunger by creating a space for student leaders to search, identify, and connect with other FRN chapters across the country. We believe that progress comes from partnerships and hope that this tool can facilitate future collaborations between chapters that otherwise wouldn't have known to connect! All data and details used in this map were collected from FRN National databases, student-submitted End of Semester Surveys, and The US Department of Education's College Scorecard. 

To use:

  • Select the attributes you are looking for in a potential partner chapter from the drop-down menus provided. 
  • Note that you do not need to make a selection for every field. 
  • If you want to leave a field blank after already making a selection, simply use the backspace button to delete your selection. 

We know that progress in the fight against hunger and food waste is happening every day! Help us keep up with your chapter's work! If you recognize out-of-date or incorrect information on this map, let us know by filling in the changes on the form below! 

Don't see a form? Oops! We'll get right on that. Let us know at or by text at (240) 473-3778