Welcome to the Events Catalog! This is a great place to find events for your chapter to host. Many of these have been successful for other chapters in the past, and some are events we think sound great that we hope chapters will take and run with. Feel free to adapt the events below however suits you best, and, if you have any questions about the events listed below, please reach out to your FRN point of contact.

Be creative! If you think of or find an event that you want to host that’s not in the Events Catalog, do it! And lastly, if you hold an event that you think went well, please let your FRN point of contact know, because we’re always looking for exciting events to add to the catalog.



Campus-wide educational events help draw attention to the issues of hunger and poverty, and allow for students and faculty to think critically about their role in the fight against food waste.

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Partner agencies are an absolutely essential component of our mission, and we are grateful for their work in the fight against poverty and hunger. These activities help foster strong relationships between chapters, partner agencies, and the communities they serve.


Fundraising events

You can't spell "fundraising" without "FUN!" Build capacity and improve the long-term sustainability of your chapter in effective and creative ways through these activities. 

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Looking to highlight a specific issue on campus? Awareness campaigns can be a great way to start a conversation on your campus about some of the issues central to FRN's mission.

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Be proactive! Draw attention to the food waste fight through letter writing campaigns and other activities that directly reach out to the policymakers and agents of change in your communities.


Want to build interpersonal relationships with your FRN team while avoiding hackneyed team building exercises? Cultivate a positive working environment with the members of your FRN team with these fun activities!