This Recovered Life: True stories from the frontlines of the FRN movement

Share your story on the Food Recovery Network Stage

Every FRNd’s got a story. What’s yours? Food Recovery Network is looking for four current FRN leaders who want to share their FRN story on stage at the 2017 National Food Recovery Dialogue. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Share an aspect of your chapter that makes it unique.

  • Tell us about the first time you volunteered with your partner agency.

  • Explain something you’ve learned about food insecurity in your community, or share your experience with food insecurity.

  • Tell us about how you overcame a roadblock in your recovery process.

  • Reflect on how you’ve grown as a leader--or what sparked your passion for fighting food waste or feeding the hungry.


You must be a Food Recovery Network volunteer, past or present, alumni or student. That’s it! Whether you’re absolutely terrified to speak in front of an audience or you’ve been baring your soul on stage since you were five, there’s a place for you.

For NFRD 2017, we’ll be reserving This Recovered Life positions for students that did not present at 2016’s NFRD - this is to give an opportunity for those that did not present last year.


You must be available to attend the 2017 National Food Recovery Dialogue, on November 4th - 5th, 2017. You should also expect to work with FRN National staff to hone and revise your story leading up to the conference, including Skype rehearsals.  

Pitch your Story

In a video submission lasting five minutes or less,  tell us your story. You don’t need to be formal about it, just tell the story the way you’d tell it to someone over coffee. Even if you’re presenting on food insecurity or food waste research, give us a sense of your story arc and how the experience changed you. The stories themselves can take any form (including spoken word), but be thoughtful about how much information you’re trying to cover. There should be a clear theme uniting your story. The presentations will ultimately be around five minutes long.

Be explicit about the impact of your story. If you have favorite moments, let us know. If the story showed you something about the world you hadn't realized before, or changed you (or other people) in some way, let us know that too.

Please include: your name, your chapter’s name, your role on your chapter’s team, and written confirmation you'll be attending the National Food Recovery Dialogue.

Email your recorded video submission to FRN Program and Resource Development Fellow Paul Sherman (, by September 15th using the subject line “This Recovered Life." Once we review submissions, we will select our favorite stories and conduct a video Skype audition in order to choose the finalists.

Selection Criteria

Speakers will be selected on the basis of the story’s focus, originality and underlying message. Additionally, emphasis will be placed on selecting a diverse group of stories that fits with NFRD’s Programming schedule. Our primary goal is to curate a final group with a diverse set of stories across topic areas. Five presenters will be selected, while other stories may be selected for display in a poster format in high-traffic areas at the conference.

Last year’s submission process provided FRN National with a plethora of compelling stories. Due to time constraints and the limited number of spots at NFRD, some compelling stories were not selected to present. This is not to say that a submission is inadequate, as there are a number of factors that go into the selection process. If you are not selected, we still highly encourage you to attend the NFRD, as it will be an incredible opportunity to network with passionate students like yourself.

If you have any questions, please email FRN Program and Resource Development Fellow Paul Sherman (