Kitchen THrowdown at NFRD 2017

Cook, Compete, Win! 

The Kitchen Throwdown is NFRD’s very own food competition. The competition is open to 27 students who will work in teams of three. Each team will be equipped with a kitchen space to prepare creative, tasty, and sustainable meals. Chef Jon Deutsch and Chef Kaimana Chee will emcee the event and support students throughout the cooking process. Hungry Harvest is donating the provided ingredients that teams will use to create their dishes, including organic “ugly” produce. Each group will be responsible for using these ingredients to create one savory dish and one sweet dish. Students will work together to plan, prepare, and present their dishes. This will be a fun, fast-paced cooking event where students can learn from professionals, work with exciting ingredients, and compete to win awesome prizes!

Meet the Judges

Patricia Gentry

Stacy Carroll - Hungry Harvest - NFRD 2017 Headshot.jpeg

Stacy Carroll


Katherine Miller