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In the United States, over 40% of the food we grow and prepare gets thrown away, yet 1 in 8 americans are food insecure. This story profiles the Goucher College chapter of the Food Recovery Network, an organization working to change these statistics by donating leftover food from dining halls at colleges and Universities across the country.

Take a closer look at Food Recovery Network at the University of Rochester in New York, including this chapter's connection with their hunger-fighting partner agency.

Students at the University of Maryland attacked the issues of food waste and hunger simultaneously by creating the Food Recovery Network, which donates surplus dining hall food to those in need. The Food Recovery Network is now the largest student movement against hunger in America.

In 2011, Ben Simon founded the Food Recovery Network at the University of Maryland with the simple mission of collecting leftover food from the school's cafeterias and redirecting it to feed people in need. It started with three students on one campus recovering up to 200 pounds of food a day.
We've recovered and donated over one million pounds of food! Learn more here: Press release:

During the fall of 2014, Food Recovery Network celebrated its third birthday.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa recently became the first and only food recovery certified chapter of Food Recovery Network in the state. As the first ...

After becoming jaded with the world as a college student, Cam Pascual became passionate about the issue of food waste. She decided to approach the issue from a new perspective, banding together friends to create the Food Recovery Network.

meet the movement: videos from our national events

Meet the students that are bringing food recovery to college campuses across America--the students that are demanding we donate surplus food to those in need, instead of throwing it into landfills. Check out hundreds of these students gathered at the University of Georgia in Athens on April 18-19, 2015 for the second annual Food Waste and Hunger Summit.

In April 2014, Food Recovery Network co-hosted the Food Waste & Hunger Summit at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Students from 27 FRN chapters convened to share best practices as related to food recoveries, and to hear from experts in the fields of fighting hunger and food waste.