Zero Waste Challenge

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Goal: $1000

Do you think you could go an entire month without producing any waste? Try to imagine it - what kind of cup did you drink coffee from today, did you use a paper napkin when you ate lunch, what did you do with your receipt from the store? Between 330 million Americans, even the little bits can add up! Dealing with all this waste is a huge task and makes a profound impact - on our environment, on our health, and on our society. The USDA estimates that 40% of the food produced in the United States is never eaten, equating to $165 Billion worth of food per year. And that is food waste alone! Clearly, something needs to change in the way people receive, utilize, and dispose of products. That's where Claire comes in.

Claire Cummings, Bon Appétit Management Company's waste expert (AKA the Waste Ace) is committing to go an entire month without sending waste to landfills. Bon Appétit is already a USDA and EPA 2030 Food Waste Champion thanks to Claire's work, recovering surplus food from their hundreds of dining locations across the country. To celebrate her birthday in the month of May, she will be living a zero waste lifestyle to the fullest. Her goal is to shed light on the impacts of waste, inspire others to join in the crusade against trash, and raise money for Food Recovery Network, an organization that’s leading the charge for a waste-free future.

From the Waste Ace:

I’m going zero waste for Food Recovery Network and I want you to join me!

For the month of May I’m going to try not to create any landfill waste. When I do, I have to put a $1 in a jar to donate to FRN (think of it like a swear jar, but my problem isn’t a dirty mouth, it’s a dirty garbage bin).

And to make things fun, if you donate $15 or more to FRN during this challenge, I will extend the challenge another day.

And to really increase the stakes, if you donate $15 or more to FRN and you pledge to strive for zero waste too, I will donate an additional $1 for each piece of landfill trash I generate during the challenge.

Throughout the month I’ll share tips on how to reduce waste in your own life through my successes and blunders but there’s already plenty out there on this topic so rather than re-invent the wheel I want to motivate us all to get up off our duffs and make simple (yes I mean really really simple) changes to waste less. My goal is three-fold:

  1. Waste less in my own life

  2. Inspire you to waste less in your own life

  3. Raise over a $1,000 for Food Recovery Network in the process

(If you need to be convinced why this matter go HERE)

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  • You can join me by…

    • Pledging to try zero waste too

    • Donating to FRN

    • Spreading the word

    • Sending your questions, ideas, and positive vibes