Hosting an event and anticipating surplus food? 

Connect with local student leaders and give back to your community.

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Provide MEALS

Donated funds directly translate to meals provided.

We fund our chapters in order to expand and recover more food.

$2 donates 1 meal

$111 covers the cost of one FRN food recovery an average of 50 meals.


At FRN, we empower student leaders to be the change they want to see. 

92.7% of our student leaders “strongly agree” that their experience with FRN helped them grow as a leader. 

National Food Recovery DIALOGUE (NFRD)

Our annual conference, NFRD connects students with food system professionals and organizers for a weekend of building skills and leadership toward making food waste the norm, not the exception. 

Food recovery verified (FRV)

Food Recovery Verified (FRV) is FRN launched program that recognizes businesses that recover food at least once a month. Within its first year alone, nearly 100 establishments and events have been verified and are pioneering how we view surplus food. 


We're all for collaboration

Interested in collaborating with Food Recovery Network for fundraising? Email for inquiries.