Food Recovery Network is a national nonprofit that unites students at colleges and universities to fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste from their campus dining halls and donating it to those in need. Our goal is to change the norm from food waste to food recovery in the United States.



We’re committed to making food recovery, not food waste, the norm in higher education and we’ll provide all of the individualized support each Campus Kitchen needs to ensure their transition is as seamless as possible. We’re thrilled to welcome these food recovery student leaders into our Network of more than 200 Chapters and we’ll work to empower them to continue doing what they do best: recovering and donating surplus food to those in need.
— Regina Anderson, Executive Director of Food Recovery Network

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Whole Foods market 5% Community Give Back Day

On Thursday, April 18, all twenty-nine Florida locations of Whole Foods Market donated 5% of their net sales to Food Recovery Network. Whole Foods Market and Food Recovery Network were able to raise $158,832. Thank you to everyone who came out and shopped that day and thank you to Whole Foods Market for partnering with us for this special event.


further with food: Center for food loss and waste solutions

Further With Food provides comprehensive information about food loss and waste in the United States and solutions dedicated to reducing it. FRN is excited to share our Official Chapter Map on their resource portal! We encourage our FRNds to browse the existing resources. 

FRn Speaks - Celebrating our chapters


FRn Speaks- Celebrating our chapters

Across the country, our chapters are doing amazing work. As each chapter has a unique relationship with their dining provider and partner agency, all our chapters have their own narratives to reflect on their experiences with FRN.

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