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The mission of Food Recovery Verified (FRV) is to recognize and reward food businesses of any type that are working to fight waste and feed people through food recovery. FRV serves as a third party that verifies that food businesses are donating surplus food at least once per month to hunger fighting non-profits. The objective of FRV is to help provide resources to food-insecure Americans by enhancing national awareness and participation in Food Recovery. This awareness should be directed at knowledge of the food recovery process and understanding recovery as a better alternative to the current problems of both food wastage and food insecurity.

You will be leading the charge for USDA & EPA Food waste reduction goals of 50% reduction by 2030. America wastes approximately 40% of the food it produces, and much of this waste occurs at the consumer-facing level. Donating surplus food can have a profound, positive impact on your community.



If you represent a food business or catered event that already recovers surplus food and donates it to a registered non-profit, fill out an application!

Once your application is processed we'll send you your FRV window sticker and will work with you one-on-one to make sure your food recovery program is as easy and effective as possible. It's that simple. 

You're already ahead of the curve — let people know it.


We've relaunched our certification program and created Food Recovery Verified (™), a network of food businesses and events committed to fighting waste and feeding  people. In an effort to be more inclusive and recognize all who choose to recover food, we are thrilled to officially expand FRN’s network to include verified partners beyond the higher education sector.

Read an updated copy of our new FRV terms and conditions here.

Food Recovery Verified. Join the network.