Welcome to Food Recovery Network’s new Food Tracking form. FRN National has made a few changes in order to streamline the process for our chapters of uploading their recovery data.

First, when you select your school, a list of your most recent Food Donors and Partner Agencies will appear in a checkbox format. Just select the appropriate boxes or write in an answer if it does not appear.

Second, we have changed the questions surrounding food details. In the new form, you will only be required to list the main types of food that have been recovered (protein, produce, grains, etc.). There will be a section where you can describe the food more specifically, but this is not required.

Third, we have removed some unnecessary data points. You will no longer have to answer if the food was frozen or what time the recovery started and stopped.

Finally, we have added a section where you can upload photos from the recovery. If you did take any photos during the recovery, please make sure that you are following all food safety guidelines.

As before, when you select your state, the list of FRN schools in that state will appear. Please be careful when selecting your school! If you are a CHIP and your school is not listed, please add it following the "CHIP: School Name" format.