Having a solid volunteer base is essential to a functioning and sustainable FRN chapter. However, one thing remains constant: the need for quality, hardworking, and consistent volunteers. In this resource, we’ve outlined a multitude of steps to consider when planning recruitment strategies, so that chapters of all shapes and sizes can effectively recruit the best volunteers for the job. 

Ready to #FindMoreFRNds, but not sure where to start? Look no further! Below, you will find our brand new, all-inclusive, Volunteer Recruitment Guide! In it, we have outlined the following categories, along with protips from the FRN National Team:

  1. Preparation and Planning
    • With answers to questions like:
      • What is a volunteer?
      • How many do we need?
      • What are our expectations of them, and theirs of us?
  2. Resource Mapping
    • A step-by-step activity detailing how to identify human resources and connect with diverse groups on campus
  3. Recruitment, Tabling, and Outreach
    • Developing a targeted recruitment strategy
    • Preparing for and executing a successful tabling event
    • Creating flyers and tips on how to distribute them
      • We encourage you to utilize our flyers, which can be found here!
    • Maintaining an FRN social media page and/or email address
  4. Additional Resources