From Regina's Desk: A Love Sonnet

Since it’s February, and I’m a huge fan of celebrating FRNdships on Valentine’s Day, I wanted to express my love of all of you with a sonnet. I figured if Shakespeare can do it, I can, too, right? Let us know if you have any FRN-inspired poetry you’d like to share!  Post on Facebook and tag FRN or shoot us an email:


Why I Love FRN

There! Across the country zips back and forth

a committed network of people yield

a pathway for change on campus, on earth;

The simple solution to all, revealed!


Dedication and grit has caused great shifts

in thinking to action: recovery!

when I think about your amazing gifts

To this movement, further discovery


Food Recovery Network such a site

To be part of the will, to do what’s right.



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