FRN Press Round Up

Food Recovery Network has had an incredible start in 2017. In about a month, our student leaders have recovered over 25,000 pounds, and we've surpassed 200 chapters in our network. This past week, FRN has been featured in some great publications:

  1. Food Recovery Network @ WVU (West Virginia University) was mentioned in the The Daily Athenaeum for rallying around scientific research.
  2. Washington Square News, NYU's independent student newspaper, highlighted the work that Two Birds One Stone has been doing to recover food and educate the campus.
  3. In a feature on Lovin' Spoonful's Plenty Program, which aims to teach people how to cook healthy foods on a budget, Civil Eats also mentioned FRN amongst organizations who are working to tackle food waste.
  4. The Jewish Journal published a great piece on Imperfect Produce, who works to deliver less attractive produce to homes in order to reduce waste. Ben Simon, our founder, co-founded Imperfect and serves as its CEO.
  5. The Kansas City Star highlighted Thomas Anjard, who founded the FRN chapter at Kansas State University.

We are so proud of the work that all of our students, staff and alumni have done over the years. If your chapter has made the news or a blog, let us know! Send an e-mail to