Introducing the Student and Alumni Advisory Board


We are very excited to announce that FRN has selected 13 passionate and dedicated leaders from a diverse array of backgrounds and locations for its inaugural Student and Alumni Advisory Board (SAAB). This new board was assembled as a response to students’ requests to be more involved with FRN, both during and after their college experiences.

“The creation of our student board is a significant step in the growth and evolution of Food Recovery Network. I’m confident that creating this wellspring for chapters to collectively communicate and address their needs will increase leadership development and engagement across the network, ultimately leading to more food being recovered nationwide,” stated Regina Northouse, FRN Executive Director.

The 13 members of SAAB are: Allison Blakely (Alumni, Rochester Institute of Technology), Jennifer Campbell (University of Tampa), Brian Chueh (Alumni, Villanova University), Catherine Crombez (Alumni, Madonna University), Meryl Davis (Knox College), Yash Desai (Alumni, University of Houston), Heather Fucini (Alumni, University of Hawaii at Manoa), Kirsty Hessing (Wagner College), Susan Pagano (Alumni, Monmouth University), Jamie Renman (University of Delaware), Amanda Rivas (Oxford College of Emory University), Maria Rodriguez (Alumni, Whittier College), Lianna Tilton (Alumni, University of California in Davis). The board was created with the intent of involving a broad range of perspectives to strengthen and diversify the food recovery conversation across the country. Learn more about these amazing individuals and their hard work!

SAAB will provide invaluable input on what happens on the ground of the food recovery movement to the national team, and work to engage alumni who were part of FRN during their undergraduate careers. Kirsty Hessing, a senior at Wagner College in New York City said, “I’m going to be a senior this year, so it was kind of daunting to think that my food recovery experience was coming to an end. Being able to stay involved and connected to chapters even after graduation through SAAB is really exciting to me.” As the food recovery movement expands to more parts of the country, the board will push the movement to be as sustainable and inclusive as possible.

President of FRN’s Board of Directors, Ernie Minor, will be involved in leading SAAB. He sees this new board as the missing link in the conversation between the FRN National office and the students on the ground. “The thing that attracted me to FRN right off the bat was the students who were willing to get things completed to make an impact for people who are in need,” he explained. “Having SAAB to represent all that’s happening throughout the network is incredibly exciting.”

In the first year, SAAB will outline bylaws and formalize its mission and vision. Members will provide feedback on resource development and campaign initiatives to support FRN National’s strategic plan. SAAB will focus on engaging leaders across the network to strengthen the student-led movement and will work to engage FRN alumni and keep them involved in the growing food recovery movement off campus. They will have the opportunity to pilot new technologies and services. SAAB members will also play a role in the second annual National Food Recovery Dialogue on November 4 and 5, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

“Our first-ever student and alumni board will offer another opportunity for folks to share their strategies to strengthen the movement, and spread the word about food waste. I'm looking forward to thought-partnering with those selected to serve on the advisory board.”  said Hannah Cather, FRN Program Manager.

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