Brown university

City: Providence

State: RI

Date of founding: November 2011

Recovery locations: Blue State Coffee, Coffee Exchange, Friedman Cafe, Blue Room, Barus & Holley, Poppy's, Brown Bakeshop, Andrews Commons, Brown Market Shares, Jo's, Flatbread Company

Partner agencies: Women's Center of Rhode Island, Crossroads Rhode Island, We Share Hope

Contact Person: Louis Epstein (louis_epstein@brown.edu) 

providence College


Friar Food Rescue

City: Providence

State: RI

Date of founding: November 2012

Recovery locations: Raymond Dining hall, Alumni Food Court, Flos

Partner agencies: McAuley House, Providence Rescue Mission, Mary House

Contact Person: Kayla Krongel (kkrongel@friars.providence.edu) 

Roger Williams University

City: Bristol

State: RI

Date of founding: April 2014

Recovery locations: RWU Bon Appetit Upper Commons

Partner agencies: St. Lucy's Hearth, McKinney Shelter 

Contact Person: Rachel Gliniecki(rgliniecki133@g.rwu.edu), (FRNRWU@gmail.com)

University of rhode island

City: Kingston

State: RI

Date of founding: November 2013

Recovery locations: Mainfare Dining Hall

Partner agencies: Galilee Mission to Fishermen

Contact Person: West Caster (westcaster@my.uri.edu)