Seattle Pacific University

City: Seattle

State: WA

Date of founding: January 2016

Dining halls recovered from: Gwinn Commons

Partner agencies: Compass Housing Alliance

Contact person: Maya Swineheart (swinehartm@spu.edu)


City: Seattle

State: WA

Date of founding: April 2015

Dining halls recovered from: Panera Bread, Canlis, UW Club, and UW Farm

Partner agencies: Angeline’s Women’s Shelter and Union Gospel Mission

Contact person: Diane Bolme (dbolme@uw.edu)

Western Washington University

City: Bellingham

State: Washington

Date of founding: November 2015

Recovery locations: Atrium, Miller Market, Rock's Edge, and BT Station

Partner agencies: The Lighthouse Mission

Contact person: Megan Lasley (megan.k.lasley@gmail.com or wwufoodrecoverynetwork@gmail.com)

Whitman college

City: Walla Walla

State: Washington

Date of founding: December 2016

Recovery locations: Prentiss Dining Hall

Partner agencies: Walla Walla Senior Citizens Center, Senior Round Table Program

Contact person: Molly Birchfield (burchfmj@whitman.edu)